About Hopscotch Labs

We were founded in 2014 to help clients develop innovations that connect with their audiences.

Based in San Diego, California, Hopscotch runs lean, hiring from a global network of senior consultants to meet your needs head on. Hopscotch Labs is led by Kristine Angell. Kristine has ten years of experience leading innovation projects for multi-national companies and 15 years of design experience. She holds two masters, an MBA and a Masters in Design Methods.

Why name the business Hopscotch Labs?

Hopscotch, the game, reflects how we approach our problem space: each client is different, and their problem and skill set unique. Hopscotch has a basic structure, and set of tools. How many times you hop and twirl, and how far you go is dependent on that structure—and how well you aim your rock. We see innovation projects through that lens. We design our project structure and set the goals specifically for you.

An innovation consultancy, we find your why.

We uncover hidden opportunities through conversations with your customers. It’s a simple and powerful idea that shapes consequential solutions for companies. Our work helps you expand your reach; connect more meaningfully with your customers; and build significant improvements on core business and product offerings. The Hopscotch team reframes the problem with new perspective, providing you the tools and product strategies to think differently and take concerted action. We’ll help you innovate.

We’re human-centered, not robot-centered.

Inspired engagements start with a cross-disciplinary approach. AI/VR/AR…acronyms don’t create empathy, they hide fun technology from everyday people. When you look at these technologies from a human perspective, from your neighbor’s perspective, you get something wholly new. This is why we focus on your end user—how they’re going to use your products is completely different from how you designed it. We’ll help you better understand your end users’ perspective and translate their why into brand purpose, and product roadmaps and new releases.

We start from 3 specific innovation beliefs:

1. We believe in community
The beliefs and actions of an individual and their community can define a company’s future. Improving the profession and through it, the cities they love, create better experiences and lasting effects.
2. We believe in cross-discipline collaboration
It just works better when you start with a discussion and place of inquiry.
3. We believe reality is defined by the user
Design for real people in real places for their purpose, not yours. Hopscotch Labs can help you identify and develop solutions that will shape how people experience your brand.

Our work will get you answers fast.

Hopscotch deploys a team of problem solvers: consultants and strategic partners to dig deep and design solutions. Our projects are fast and seamless following lean processes. We can get you answers in 3 hours or really dig in and get you a product roadmap in a crystal clear blue ocean in 6 weeks.
We’ve worked with great clients to solve their challenges.
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Kris Angell

I started Hopscotch Labs to help clients leverage human experiences to build better products and services. I love that Hopscotch helps companies uncover hidden opportunities, and connect more meaningfully with their customers.

We’re local to you

We come to you, and find your audience where they live. Hopscotch Labs is global. Our team is made up of individuals across the US and around the globe, including Shanghai and New Delhi. Our San Diego team includes great moderators, user experience designers and quantitative researchers.

Are you a great partner?

Partners come in many shapes. We’re always on the hunt for great collaborators.
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