Design Sprint

Accelerate project success in 5 days or less. The fast-paced collaboration to jumpstart design, inspire your people and foster teamwork.

The 3 ways to your speed up design and development:

1/2 Day Design Lab
In 3 hours your team will move from brainstorm to solution prioritization through:
• Design brainstorming
• Rapid prototyping
• Feature prioritization
• Storytelling
1 – Day Design Workshop
We’ll take you through a series of design activities to brainstorm and develop multiple solutions. 1-Day Design Workshops cover:
• Customer empathy
• Reframe
• Design brainstorming
• Rapid prototyping
• Feature prioritization
1 Week Lab
Designed specifically to tackle your needs, we’ll take your team through a full design sprint:
• Discovery
• Ideation
• Design
• Prototyping
• Testing
• Feature prioritization

Need something more custom? Reach out to chat. We can develop a custom set of activities to meet your needs.

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How does the process with Hopscotch Labs work?

This is a collaborative process, so be prepared to be fully immersed in the project! You won’t just speak to us on Monday morning and hear from us again on Friday. The week will require you to be fully immersed in the process, we’ll become one team, working towards the end goal together. In preparation for your Design Sprint, Hopscotch Labs will:
  • Develop a collaborative environment
  • Identify key motivations and needs
  • Deliver a fun, action-able session that provides the results you need
  • After your session, we will delivery a summary of the activity, results, and recommendations for next steps.
What comes next? Follow a Sprint with a Discovery Session—plan for the next phase, uncover new opportunities to activate your customers, develop your next blue ocean.

Who is this for?

Design Sprints are great for:
  • Co-creating with your audience
  • Startups + Small Businesses
  • Product teams
  • Individuals on a path to rediscovery
Prep your sprints with tactical activities and rich concepts to eliminate the iterative cycles that drain team enthusiasm and push back launch. Design Sprints help you move forward with conviction, and provides you the strategy to focus your team’s efforts.

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Dive deep into your customer’s life to find your next opportunity.
Research Sprints
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Design Sprints
Action-based experiences that build options fast.