Discovery Research Session

Ready for solutions to vexing design challenges? Let’s transform your complex concepts with clear and practical baseline strategies.

Take a broad view to gain deep perspective and transcend your hairy problems. Our discovery sessions deliver the right comprehensive strategy to move the needle. Here’s how:

The right discovery phase is key to your product’s business success; it leads to the critical knowledge your team needs to make effective long-term decisions. We dive into the behaviors and drivers across all business impacts:
  • Customers
  • Processes
  • Technology
  • Market
Discovery in these arenas leads to more successful outcomes.
You get a baseline. Every project needs a baseline to know when you move the needle, for your company and for your customers. This context tells us about the reality that your product and services live in and how it fits into people’s lives and experiences. Developing a baseline helps us know when the solutions are table stakes or a significant improvement.
A key deliverable at the end of the discovery phase is a clear understanding of the project’s:
  • User priorities, including the associated goals and challenges
  • Critical features and functions
  • And a shared understanding across the team

The 3 steps to your discovery session:

We talk with the people who matter:
  • Your stakeholders to gain their requirements;
  • Your customers or end user to learn their need, activities and beliefs about your product and company; and
  • The experts within your topic space to gain insight into market and future developments.
We analyze your business:
  • To learn about your capabilities, products and technology;
  • To learn about your market and your competitors.
Get the answers you need and empathy from the details. Our research returns rich detail to your questions, and is validated through quantitative measures. We share our understanding with you to converge all knowledge in the room, and together we make meaning.

How does the process with Hopscotch Labs work?

This is a collaborative process, so be prepared to be fully immersed in the project! You won’t just speak to us on Monday morning and hear from us again on Friday. When possible we nab a conference room or cubical at your office for a project war room. These projects are best when you’re involved and can explore what we’re discovering as the work develops. Our teams will be immersed in the work together. Pushing for answers, we’ll become one team, working towards the end goal together.
What do we do next? Follow Discovery Research with a Research Sprint to make sure you’re on track or plan for the next phase, uncover new opportunities to activate your customers, develop your next blue ocean.

Who is this for?

Discovery research sessions are great for:
  • Companies who need a green pasture, blue ocean and their next opportunity
  • Startups + small businesses who need a solid foundation to support their products and marketing efforts
  • Product teams who need rich use cases to build out their product roadmap
Prep your sprints with sound research and rich context to eliminate the iterative cycles that drain team enthusiasm and push back launch. Discovery Research helps you move forward with conviction, and provides you the strategy to focus your team’s efforts.

Ready for an immersive experience that moves your brand forward with conviction?

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