Innovation Mastermind Group

Cultivate the essential mindsets for success that sustain the long-term growth you need.

This San Diego-based innovation mastermind group, hosted by Hopscotch Labs, Richtr, and Just Story It, will discuss challenges to growing your business, such as:
  • Strategic organization structures to fit your financial goals;
  • The seven stories that communicate your business and its value;
  • Fostering innovation mindsets in yourself, your staff and your clients to achieve the growth you desire.
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We’ll have you rethinking your value proposition, reframing your perspective and making the smart financial decisions that will right your path, and give you practical guidance to success. Join us to learn the essential mindsets you need to successfully structure for growth. Practical peer discussions, and hands-on activities will refocus your mind and help you on your journey to be a great CEO.

Wednesday, June 27 • 9:00am – 10:00am

Escape the quicksand: a practical guide to successful growth

Limited Capacity
This quick-start discussion will focus on:
  • Shifting the frame to find the right story to communicate.
  • The duality of being present with a focus on the future.
  • Cultivating audience and client mentors to stay honest to the product’s true value to your market.
Join us to meet the team, and have some quick, take-home advice that is readily achievable.
July + August

Peer to Peer Discussions

This intimate series, brings together peers for informal discussions on structuring business for growth. Be ready to think strategically about:
  • Operations & Finance Strategies
  • Structuring Products & Services
  • Structuring Communications: The Stories Internal & External
  • Building an Innovation Culture

Peer Innovation, Roundtable Working Sessions

Working with your peers, you will develop your business affinity maps to uncover your strengths and challenges in key business sectors; and a path forward. We will cover:
  • Sales
  • Front of house
  • Back of house
  • Personal Mindsets

Deep Dive Workshops

Take a day to push your business forward. With a hyper focus on three key areas, you will develop:
  • Crafting your 7 stories
  • Taking your agency to the next level
  • Developing an Innovation Engine


avatar for Kristine Angell

Kristine Angell, CEO, Hopscotch Labs

Kris Angell, CEO of Hopscotch Labs, gives you confidence in your ideas, advances your business forward and maximizes ROI along the way through her customer engagement + design innovation house. Decades of experience leading innovation projects for local and multinational companies.

avatar for Karen Dietz

Karen Dietz, CEO, Just Story It

Karen Dietz, Ph.D. CEO of Just Story It, increases your impact, influence, and income through the power of business storytelling, where companies soar. The bestselling author of Business Storytelling For Dummies and internationally recognized leader in business storytelling with decades working with both entrepreneurs and the Fortune 500.

avatar for Maileen Flores

Maileen Flores, CPA and Financial Strategist, Richtr Financial Studio

Maileen Flores, Partner of Richtr Financial Studio, a forward-thinking financial firm that moves you into your future. Decades of experience helping leaders better understand the story behind their numbers, then creating strategies propelling their companies headlong into success.