Research Sprint

Immersive engagements to define your project’s next step forward.

The 3 ways to your speed up design and development:

UX Teardown
You have questions about your current product state. We’ll help you get your answers.
1. Scope
Focus the problem space
2. Heuristics
Evaluate against the best practices
3. Testing
Test with your audience or random strangers
4. Define
Name the challenges and frame the direction forward
5. Iterate
Prototype the changes and retest
Usability Research
Get quick corrections and validation. Put your prototype in the hands of your target audience, have your answer in 5 days.
1. Recruit
Targeted recruiting provides the best results
2. Usability Testing
Test the critical paths
3. Define
Capture utility, barriers and opportunities
Workshops + Labs
Co-create with your audience, stakeholders and colleagues. The fastest way to move from challenge to implemented solution.
1. Participants
It’s all about who’s in the room: your end user + your team
2. Set the Stage
Fun matters, as do your desired outcomes—we hit both
3. Time Box Activities
Participants sketch + prototype their ideas iteratively
4. Postmortem
Task-based meeting to prioritize and push concepts forward
Experience-based research

How does the process with Hopscotch Labs work?

This is a collaborative process, so be prepared to be fully immersed in the project! You won’t just speak to us on Monday morning and hear from us again on Friday. The week will require you to be fully immersed in the process, we’ll become one team, working towards the end goal together.
What comes next? Follow a Sprint with a Discovery Session—plan for the next phase, uncover new opportunities to activate your customers, develop your next blue ocean.

Who is this for?

Research Sprints are great for:
  • Community engagement
  • Startups + Small Businesses
  • Product teams
  • Co-creating with your audience
  • Individuals on a path to rediscovery
Prep your sprints with sound research and rich context to eliminate the iterative cycles that drain team enthusiasm and push back launch. Research Sprints help you move forward with conviction, and provides you the strategy to focus your team’s efforts.

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Discovery Research
Dive deep into your customer’s life to find your next opportunity.
Research Sprints
Immersive engagements to define your project’s next step forward.
Design Sprints
Action-based experiences that build options fast.