High Fives

Our news and archive of past activities.

Expose UX | 2017

Startup Panel

Kristine participated in a panel on Expose UX, a Youtube channel aimed at bringing UX to Startups. She, and the other panelists, critiqued local startups.
Design Forward  Summit | 2016

Design Research Panel

Kristine led a panel discussion on Design Research at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Design Lab’s Design Forward Summit. Kristine presented Hopscotch Lab’s work with the City of San Diego’s website redesign.
Business Training

Cross-Platform Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

This practical guide showed how to use social media for time-pressed businesses and non-profits. Speakers Kristine Angell and Erin Pikor took business leaders through their social media channels and taught them how to re-focus their efforts for maximum impact.
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The Archives of Past Events

SDXD | 2017
The Power of Stories
Hopscotch Labs founder Kristine Angell moderated a panel of storytelling experts to uncover new models for communication our customer’s stories. As user experience professionals we OWN the customer’s story. Our value to the organization is in telling those stories and translating them into effective, usable designs.
The panel of expert storytellers included: John DeBello, Loma Media;Megan Sornson & Juan David Quinones, Digital Telepathy; Charles Chamberlayne, Access San Diego.
SDXD | 2016
Autonomous Locomotion UX-Athon
Hopscotch Labs is leading SDXD in designing for the future. From Tesla to Ford, everyone is developing autonomous vehicles. In San Diego we think beyond 4 wheels and a family—to autonomous surf boards, golf carts and campers. Join us this October for a lighthearted evening of channeling your design skills for unique populations who desperately need their own autonomous locomotion.
SDXD | 2016
Confessions of a Research Participant
Many of us perform user research but not a lot of us get to BE user research. This panel explored the participant and researcher perspective. In January, several SDXD members participated in experience research for the San Diego International Airport’s new Rental Car Center, testing a brand new building and major changes to the airport arrival experience. SDXD members discussed what it was like to be research participants—from recruitment to performing the tasks, to bringing their experience back to work.
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SDXD | 2016
Hack the City’s Website
This one-day SDXD workshop on content strategy introduced UX professionals to co-creation methods for developing personas, use cases and narrative arch with their target audience (residents and business professionals). Participants were introduced to the problem by Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Hopscotch founder Kristine Angell. Teams worked to make the newly redesigned website a more effective resource for all San Diegans.
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SDXD | 2016
Transforming Government, an 18F panel
Kristine introduced the multidisciplinary team from 18F that is transforming government from the inside out, building a 21st century digital government. 18F is a civic consultancy for the government—inside the government—enabling agencies to rapidly deploy tools and services that are easy to operate, cost efficient, and reusable.
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SDXD | 2015
Cannibalism at the Museum of Man!
Hopscotch founder, Kristine Angell, led SDXD members through prototyping an exhibit for the Museum of Man. This evening workshop helped develop the user experiences for the Museum’s upcoming Cannibalism exhibit. Provocative without being sensationalist, Cannibals: Myth & Reality puts the human back into this misunderstood topic.