Workshop Case Studies

Learn how collaborations with brands, like yours, transformed into successful relationships and more empathy-based products.

Our work is across industry, and always focused on your end user’s experience with your product or service. We leverage human-centered design practices to find your brand truths, using these insights to propel sticky solutions. Which case study relates to your brand and goals?

Research Workshops +
Co-Creation Labs

Rapid Usability Study to Get to Design Solutions
The San Diego International Airport needed to quickly assess wayfinding to their new rental car facility. Hopscotch, working with Z Research (project lead), developed the methodology, sourced participants and supported research for a two-day expert evaluation experience workshop. Read more about it here.

Executive Training

Lab: From Research to Concept in 1 Day
The Hopscotch Labs team introduced design research methods—from hypothesis to insight development—to a multi-discipline group of professionals, so they could advance at work and discover new ways of looking at their discipline.
Advanced Design Research
Kristine led an advanced class at the Design Forward Summit. Running participants through exercises that utilized research for scenario planning.

Design Thinking for Regular People

Design Thinking Labs: Design Your Life
In this series of hands-on workshops, participants transformed their lives through purposeful decision making, learning skills to realize their future and maximize those gifts at the office. They addressed their personal visions by using the latest methods for design thinking, future foresight, and strategy.

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Accelerate Your Design Success. The right discovery project is key to your product’s business success; it leads to the critical knowledge your team needs to make effective long-term decisions. We use an iterative process that works well in either agile and waterfall environments.

Our Process
Discovery Research
Dive deep into your customer’s life to find your next opportunity.
Research Sprints
Immersive engagements to define your project’s next step forward.
Design Sprints
Action-based experiences that build options fast.