User Experience Reset:

211 Reporting App for the City of San Diego

Refocused the team on the user’s experience, eliminated project challenges and got the app back on track.

App Workflow

Hopscotch Labs was called in 3 weeks prior to the expected launch of the City of San Diego’s new Reporting App, Get it Done! Why? The project was behind schedule, and the team was afraid the challenges would make them unable to launch at all. After a design and heuristic review, Hopscotch led the team through several exercises to make sure that the:
  • User journey was well defined
  • Technology would support that journey
  • New decisions were reflected in the wireframes
In just two weeks, Hopscotch turn a disaster into a win.
We directed the coding team to the assets they needed, refined the process flow, and developed the right feature options available to users.

Since launch, the City has received over 40,000 reports from residents.

Client: City of San Diego

  • Journey Mapping
  • Heuristic Review
  • Co-creation Workshop
  • Naming Exercises

Finding the Right Name.

Like all projects with a large and diverse team, finding the right name had felt like a challenge. Hopscotch Labs put together a process to collect, narrow and validate names for the app. The resulting name, Get it Done!, fit nicely with the redesigned website, tasks that the end user wanted to accomplish, and City goals for the App outcomes.

Our process to rename San Diego app

Whether renaming an American institution or a new widget, the process is the same. We work with our clients to develop a platform from which their products and services can thrive.
Research + Analysis: for meaning, opportunities and competitive advantages.
Frame + Co-Create: for context and to build from a place of experience and ownership.
Narrow + Validate: to proof concepts with your audience.

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