New Product Development

Our challenge: develop a new kitchen durable storage container that redefines the category.

Here’s what we did to make that happen:


  • Generative Research
  • Behavior Labs
  • Usability Research
  • In-home Research
Discovery: We took the research into people’s homes, spending two hours with participants from 6 market segments. The insights led us to hard-hitting results: The brand needed to narrow down to 3 market segments that exhibited similar behaviors and ideal future experiences. The joint experience model helped the design team ideate product solution categories for each phase of the user’s process. We brought rough prototypes that fit these categories into behavior labs to test usefulness and concepts with users.
Behavior lab: Working in a mock kitchen environment, we asked two friends to work together, riffing off of each other to test our ideas and conceptualize how the prototypes would work in their own kitchens and in their lives Researching the prototypes with friends got us to a truer, and more honest evaluation of the concepts—friends call each other out when they’re being unrealistic.
Three prototypes made it out of the behavior lab intact. These were developed into higher fidelity, ‘looks like, behaves like’ prototypes.
In-home test: The high fidelity prototypes were taken into consumer homes across the country to test their fit and function in real life. People tried them in their kitchen, showing us how they would use them, store them and clean them.
This year-long project resulted in a billion dollar opportunity for the client, and led the market.

A rapid prototype used in a behavior lab with friends that cook together.

Finding Your Blue Ocean

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