Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit, Refining a Food Startup’s Business Strategy

You start a business with big, bold ideas and a lot of hope. After the fundamentals are taken care of, it’s time to review your strategy and realign to the market. It’s the best time to ask: Does the market exist as you first encountered it? Or, has it transformed?

Client: Lamb Farm Kitchens, an organic food startup


  • Market analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Team planning session
The Kitchen’s organic products and locavore styling needed to be repositioned for the Seattle’s food market scene. We set out to uncover why their customers bought from them, and what the Kitchen’s products meant to them. The hard truth we learned, was that customers only cared about the food products and had no connection to the lifestyle products the Kitchen carried. This insight allowed us to focus the Kitchen on their strengths, and their team on tactical execution to get their products on the shelves.
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