In minutes, learn how to successfully price, staff and execute research for your next design project

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Get your guide to:
Selling Research
Staffing Research
Boosting your ROI

The No-BS Guide to selling research for design agencies

In this step-by-step guide, access:

  • Know how not to undersell yourself on research
  • Take advantage of pricing your newer (often millennial) competition commands
  • The EXACT questions to ask your team and consultants before sending a contract to a new client
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Strategies to assess your team and tackle research

In this guide, find your business strategy to:

  • Assess your team and fill the gaps with the right resources
  • Support clients based on their needs
HL_Strategies to Assess Your Team
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The process guide to boost client & design agency ROI

In this guide, receive exclusive access on:

  • Our take on how to bring research into the design process
  • Your outcomes that can be put directly into a proposal
  • Simple timelines, broken down, to make budgeting easy
  • Worksheets to price research based on timelines, margins and hourly rates
  • The best methods to deploy for design agencies
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“Just wanted to say that you and your team did an incredible job on the research. Really impressive work.”

R. Vazquez, Project Manager, City of San Diego

“You blew my mind! I’m totally rethinking the way I develop products.”

Erin Pikor, Founder Niaid Soaps

“FEDex, our biggest client, gave us 30% more business because of the research and design activities you did.”

Swarupa, Product Manager, San Diego technology startup