Your brand should be a better reflection of your capabilities, and a better representation of what your company means to its customers.

When Hopscotch Labs is asked to help clients with their brand strategy we start first with who they are and what they can accomplish, then push into who they are to their competitors and their audience. Our structured research methods lead to sound strategy and new business opportunities.
This isn’t one of those ‘throw it over the fence’ type agency collaborations. At every step of the way we build in collaboration—working with you and your target audience—to make sure we’re hitting the mark and keeping the work honest. Your brand should be a live-able truth, and the brand guidelines should be own-able and easy to understand and execute by your internal team.
What is the process?
  1. Definition through qualitative and quantitative research
  2. Value articulation
  3. Strategic messaging

Definition Through Qualitative + Quantitative Research

Define the Company
Defining who you are and what you’re capable of helps us eliminate the opportunities you have no business going after. It creates focus.
  1. Audit of existing research documentation
  2. Audit products, staffing and supply chain
  3. Stakeholder interviews
Define the Market
The market audit will tell us where you fit compared to your nearest competitors. It also helps us better understand the market forces that affect your services and products.
  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Affinity diagram
  3. Benchmark product and service offerings
Define the Audience
Central to our efforts for you, we focus on defining the nuances of your audience: their needs, wants and behaviors as they relate to your product and services.
  1. Review existing documentation and past research
  2. Interview sales team and other experts
  3. Observe + interview your customers

Value Articulation

We dig into the data to articulate company values, consumer values and develop a base for all marketing, advertising and design interventions.

We base our work in collaboration—it extends the life of findings, and is plain fun! During the analysis of the data we bring our clients, stakeholders and their end users together in a Convergence Workshop to develop a shared understanding of what came out of research. This is just one activity we use during the analysis process to make sure we are truly understand your business.

Facilitating Conversations

Our client had doubled in size and was evaluating expansion overseas. They ask Hopscotch Labs to help it understand the change in its customer base and their needs from the organization.
We captured a ton of data from interviews, surveys and competitive research. To make sure we understood the landscape and foster conversations around difficult topics that would be hard for the organization to accept on face value, we hosted a collaboration event to foster the necessary conversations. These conversations led to a deeper understanding about the regional needs and participants developed the base solutions to address them. 
Example outcome from the convergence workshop

Strategic Messaging

Synthesizing the stakeholder values we articulate your brand, its messaging and vision. It’s an actionable, living document that supports your creative team.

Brand Guide
We provide you the guidelines that become your go-to resource for visuals, concepts, product roadmaps and stakeholder values (both consumer and business). Yes, this includes KPI’s that measure campaign ROI.
Design Briefs
Our design briefs provide you with base guidelines for your campaign executionables. They include your stakeholder values, and direction on tone, visuals, yet leave the concept open to your needs.
Sorry, this does not include final production of collateral materials or campaign implementation.
Concept Validation
We test our stakeholder values, brand vision and concept executions with your target audience. Then, provide you the tools to repeat the exercise on your future campaigns.

Core Competencies

Community Engagement
Including formal interviews, usability testing and quantitative surveys
Human-Centered Design 
It’s our approach and our core element
Experience Design
Service blueprinting and journey mapping
Information Architecture (IA) Strategy
For digital interfaces such as a website or app
Usability + Customer Experience
Such as usability testing, website analytics and heuristic evaluations
To drive understanding, develop new ideas, train teams on new tools

Industry Experience

While we work across a range of industries, many of our clients specialize in one of these areas:
  • • Technology + Software Development
  • • Medical Product + Experience
  • • Consumer Goods
  • • Non-Profits, Government, Civic Organizations
  • • Sports + Gaming
  • • Startups + Makers