Customers ask us about measuring ROI for design related activities. What value does this work bring to our shareholders? Why should we focus our energy on customer experience? These questions get to the underlying problem of finding the right metrics to evaluate changes to your bottom line. Below are several articles that help identify those metrics and the economies they touch.

Smashing Magazine:

All You Need To Know About Customer Journey Mapping
An indepth look at customer journey mapping, including why it’s used, examples, methods, content types and best practices for presenting it.

Design Council:

The Design Economy: ROI of design
The Design Economy is the the Design Council’s report on the value of design to the UK economy. It expands on our previous research by looking beyond the traditional definition of the design sector. In doing so, it provides the most thorough and accurate view of design’s contribution to the UK economy ever produced.

Case study: Design Council,

How can we help people make their homes more energy efficient?
The Design Council case study shows the challenges that agencies face when designing for a public audience, and how using customer journey mapping can support better services. This case study includes the challenge, methods, workbook materials, and key themes from market research and user scenarios. Attached is the report.


Maven wants to turn your smartphone into a women’s health clinic
The article lists Maven clinic’s numbers such as “Telehealth revenues are expected to increase by roughly 45% this year”.