Business Innovation Services

Our innovation sessions deliver the right comprehensive solution for your team and your challenge. How does this work?

Choosing the right service is key to your product’s business success. It leads to the critical knowledge your team needs to make effective long-term decisions. We dive into the behaviors and drivers across all business impacts:
• Customers
• Processes
• Technology
• Market
Sessions touching on these arenas lead to more successful outcomes.
A key deliverable at the end of the discovery phase is a clear understanding of the project’s:
• User priorities, including the associated goals and challenges
• Critical features and functions
• And a shared understanding across the team
With our experienced, human-centered approach your challenges are opportunities for growth and customer acquisition. The project sessions below provide you divergent paths to your desired outcomes. Rethink how you develop products and kick start innovation in 5 days or less.
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Choose the solution to propel your business forward:

Discovery Research
Get vision strategies in your blue ocean

Upgrade your business and product strategy through a deep dive into your customer’s life, market and business capabilities. This intensive project provides business strategy  and product roadmaps that are based on consumer intelligence. Realigned to your market with distinct product advantages, this critical process opens the door to greater market share and customer loyalty.
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Research Sprints
Context immersive engagements to drive strategy for real results

We develop a comprehensive strategy for your project, using a human-centered design approach. In this baseline for product development, you receive fresh insights into product use, new opportunities to extend the consumer experience, and build consumer intelligence. This practical, organized process results in clarity and readiness to charge forward to a successful product.
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Design Sprints
5 Days to break ground on your best product

Our team jump starts your project by asking the right people the right questions. Within 40 hours, we answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping, usability testing, and co-creation labs. No assumptions here. We put your prototype into your target market’s hands, and use the results to launch you forward fast.
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Finding the right in.

Your consultation is the first step to getting clear solutions for your design problems. We will discuss which of our structured services fits the expedience and opportunities you need.

Labs + Workshops
We use labs and workshops to bring clarity to a problem; foster ownership where it matters; and drive to solutions faster.
Context-Rich Research
We focus on your customer. They’re a moving target with a unique perspective of your brand that changes and grows with familiarity and use.

We focus on the needs of real people.

Using Human-Centered Design, we elicit your product’s truths from the people who know it better than you. We’ll teach you the rocket science to turn truths into actionable future potential.

Community Engagement
We engage your community and end users in conversations about your products.
Startups + Small Businesses
We help you tighten your ship and move quickly.
Executives + Product Teams
From product owners to designers, we work with you to help you learn new skills and reframe your thinking.
Regular People
We help regular people identify and move beyond life’s barriers with human-centered design practices.
Thanks again for today!
You blew my mind and I’m totally rethinking the way I develop products. I think this information would be fabulous for maker businesses. X design is a new concept for me and I’m very interested in learning more about what it is, and how it can be applied to my business model.
I loved your accelerated learning teaching approach! You established confidence and team work with the initial group task of eliminating bias, and then simplified dense information and complex concepts, which encouraged the hands on self starter mindset.
You’re brilliant!
—Erin Pikor, Naiad Soap Arts

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