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Business innovation starts with Human-Centered Design. We elicit your product’s truths from the people who know it better than you. We’ll show you your product’s rocket science to turn truths into actionable future potential.

Blue Sky Services:

  • Generative, foundational research
  • Contextual research
  • Product discovery

Functional Research Services:

  • Usability testing
  • Validation research
  • Surveys
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Business innovation services that support your team’s work

Product Discovery Research

Move forward with conviction and focus. Discovery research gets you the answers you need and and your team empathy from the details.

  • We talk with the people who matter to gain insight into your product and market.
  • We analyze your business to know your capabilities.
  • We go where your product goes to find the use cases to focus user experience on the interactions that matter, where they matter.
  • We frame our findings in your context to support your product roadmap.

Lab + Workshop Sprints

We use labs and workshops to bring clarity to a problem; foster ownership where it matters; and drive to solutions faster. These fast-paced collaborations make a difference.

  • We bring together cross-disciplinary teams, including customers and experts to develop creative holistic solutions
  • Stakeholders are in the room to solve the problem that day.
  • We discover, prototype and prioritize in as little as three hours.

We focus on the needs of real people.

Experiences to Drive Innovation

We take you to new contexts to identify adjacent innovations that will cross over to create a greener pasture.

Community Engagement

We engage your community and end users in conversations about your products.

Executives + Product Teams

From product managers to designers, we work with you to define your product from your customers’ perspective. We can also help you learn new skills and reframe your thinking.

Startups + Small Businesses

We help you tighten your ship and move quickly on the right product features with the right audience.

How does this work?

This is a collaborative process.

These projects are best when you are involved and can explore what we’re discovering as the work develops.

We dive into the behaviors and drivers across all business impacts.

Your key deliverables will always include:

  • User priorities, including their associated goals and challenges
  • Critical user experience features and functions
  • A shared understanding across the team
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Adventures + Exceptional Experiences

Get your team out of their context and into your customers’ environment. Better yet, have your team explore an entirely new experience to find inspiration for the one you’re building.

Hopscotch Labs builds custom UX and business experiences in global environments. Our Mutiny Labs take you outside your comfort zone, expose you to new ideas, and shift the boundary between wonder and potential. Learn more here: https://mutinylabs.work

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