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About Hopscotch Labs, Inc.

We were founded in 2014 to help clients develop innovations that connect with their audiences. Based in San Diego, California, Hopscotch runs lean, hiring from a global network of senior consultants to meet your needs head on. Hopscotch Labs is led by Kristine Angell. Kristine has ten years of experience leading innovation projects for multi-national companies and 15 years of design experience. She holds two masters, an MBA and a Masters in Design Methods.

An innovation consultancy, we find your why.

We uncover hidden opportunities through conversations with your customers. It’s a simple and powerful idea that shapes consequential solutions for companies. Our work helps you expand your reach; connect more meaningfully with your customers; and build significant improvements on core business and product offerings. The Hopscotch team reframes the problem with new perspective, providing you the tools and product strategies to think differently and take concerted action. We’ll help you innovate.

Why name the business Hopscotch Labs?

Hopscotch, the game, reflects how we approach our problem space: each client is different, and their problem and skill set unique. Hopscotch has a basic structure, and set of tools. How many times you hop and twirl, and how far you go is dependent on that structure—and how well you aim your rock. We see innovation projects through that lens. We design our project structure and set the goals specifically for you.

“I thought the session was great. It taught me how to separate each element in the overall story and how to dive deep and find needs in the problem space.”

Greg Chapman, User Experience Manager

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We work with talented people all over the world to develop experiences that really matter to people and brand’s ready to innovate. Always accepting applications for critical thinkers, user experience experts and other innovation professionals. If you know you’ve got the grit and excitement to transform brands:
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