Give your clients the best possible experience

At Hopscotch Labs, we learn what matters to your customers and market to help you create the best possible products and experiences. Our efficient process for product discovery combines deep research and exercises that refuel your team, provides clarity, and drives customer satisfaction.

The pandemic has made everyone rethink their processes and business models. At Hopscotch Labs, we are your:

  • Listener—sometimes people just need an ear

  • Provocateur—brainstorming solutions to businesses’ everyday challenges

  • Service designers—redesigning customer experiences, processes and the services that support them

  • Product designer—redesigning digital products to fit the current market challenges

“Just wanted to say that you and your team did an incredible job on the research. Really impressive work.”

R. Vazquez, Project Manager

“You blew my mind!
I’m totally rethinking the way I develop products.”

Erin Pikor, Founder Niaid Soaps

“FEDex, our biggest client, gave us 30% more business because of the research and design activities you did.”

Swarupa, client name withheld

Product Discovery

We focus on your customer in their context—finding the behaviors and beliefs that underlie the use of your products and services.

Labs + Workshops

We use labs and workshops to bring clarity to your concerns; foster ownership where it matters; and drive to solutions faster.

We are your consumer engagement partner.

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New! Redesigning business as usual, professional practices guides for design agencies

Developed for design practice leads to support business development, these guides help agencies:

  • Supplement their design projects with research
  • Develop pricing and think about staffing
  • Learn the best research methods for design practices
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